At the University of Washington, I am a Dj for Rainy Dawg Radio. My Dj name is Hot Donna and I host a show every Friday from 6pm-7pm, where I play Soundcloud rap and trap. You can tune in here!




Past Shows

18 November 2016




Digital Art Project

In December 2016 I did a live radio broadcast of a performance art piece I created. In this project I was intrigued by tweets made by my peers on twitter in which they openly admitted to illegal activity. I was interested in why people would be willing to post this information so publicly. This reminded me of the way in which music artists, specifically rappers, confess to crimes in their music, which is widely distributed. I found it strange that both of these troves of confessions were uninvestigated. The project is a comparison of the special brand of free speech given to twitter users and that which is given to rappers. The one hour long radio broadcast juxtaposes tweets containing confessions, and Vince Staples’ album, Summertime 06’. A recent viral video showed a mom reading the lyrics to his song Norf Norf, after hearing it in the car with her children. She is so horrified by the admissions of crime and explicit content that she is brought to tears. As I have not yet fully formed my own thoughts on this, this project is intended to provoke thought rather than push a message. The listener is simply encouraged to think about these things in relation to each other. The project is titled No Man’s Land, comparing free speech in music and social media to the area between the trenches in World War I, a proverbial no-man’s land where authority and rules are unclear.